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Here you can find smart tips about gate maintenance. Learn how to repair them properly.

  • Ensure that you have full visibility of the gate when you open it remotely

    This is one of the fundamental safety rules that you have to follow when you have an automatic gate. Never use the remote from around the corner or when you are further away from the gate and it’s dark, rainy or foggy outside. Otherwise, you may unintentionally cause a serious injury to a person who’s near it.

  • Keep Moving Parts Well Lubricated

    Lubrication is very important for all moving parts of any dates and gate openers. Dry parts sliding against each other produces enough friction to cause microscopic damage that could get bigger in time. Avoiding the small damages earlier on means avoiding the big damages in the future.

  • Why gate maintenance is important?

    The purpose of installing a steel gate is to secure the perimeter of your property in Rancho Santa Fe and that's why the gate must be strong and maintained regularly. Don't forget that gates are exposed to the weather elements on a daily basis and, therefore, will eventually deteriorate and lose their strength. Gate repair is the only solution and, in fact, periodical maintenance will keep the components fully functional and give you the chance to check the condition of the material, to prevent it from eroding.

  • Focus on the gate strengths

    Prior to a new gate installation, make sure you choose the right door for your home's entrance. Don't forget that the gate will shield your whole property in Rancho Santa Fe and you want strong and durable materials, which will last over time and they won't need constant gate repair. They will all certainly need maintenance due to their exposure to elements but you should care to ensure that they will defend your home.

  • Prefer a multicode remote

    If you own both wrought iron gates and garage doors, it's best getting a multicode remote that will make your life easier. If you have one garage and one gate clicker, you might get confused or carry the wrong one with you in the car. The purpose of multicode remotes is releasing you from having the responsibility of several clickers. They usually have two or three buttons.

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