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Intercom Install & Repair

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Did you just have a gate installed at your property and need a phone enter system installed? Our gate repair company can install and repair intercoms for your residence or business. “Gate Repair Rancho Santa Fe” has been offering services for many years, our technicians are knowledgeable of all intercom systems for gates, and provide excellent Intercom Install & Repair.Intercom Install & Repair

Great intercoms and installation service

Think of the security that a device like a gate intercom system will bring. Only people with codes can enter your property unless someone from the property lets them in. Our company can install phone entry systems and are excellent intercom repair specialists. There are several types of brand names that we use such as Elite, DOORKING and Linear intercom programming services. There are four types of intercoms:

• Single family home - the guest will ring the phone in which the system is connected to and the homeowner can enter a code on the phone pad opening the gate. There is possibility for two way communication between the gate and the house.  A code can be entered to keep the gate open for an extended period. A code can also be used at the gate without ringing the house.
• Auto-Dialers - This type is used for apartments with multiple tenants. The visitor can call the tenant, who enters a code to open the gate. Multiple codes can be used for tenants and other personnel.
• Programmable Telephone - this type involves a keypad to gain entrance and keeps record of who is coming and going by the pass code used.
• No phone line - this type uses an existing phone line. The visitor enters a code and the call goes to a certain apartment. The tenant can communicate with the visitor and allow entrance to the property.

Having experience with Intercom Install & Repair services, our contractors can have an entry system installed in just one day. Gate Repair Rancho Santa Fe provides the best service and all technicians are well-equipped and trained. We are the absolute best when it comes to installing and repairing gate intercoms. Contact us for intercom installation and repair today!

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