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Are you having a new gate installed or looking for a gate opener for your existing driveway gate? Our driveway gate company in Rancho Santa Fe can install and make repairs to your driveway gate and openers.  Our technicians can supply and install a new gate opener. Our skilled technicians have many years of experience troubleshooting your gate and opener to find out where the problem is. Our Driveway gate openers company in Rancho Santa Fe is open 24/7 emergency services. We service both automatic and electric gates. Our company repairs several different types of gates such as driveway gates, pedestrian gates and walk through gates.Driveway Gates

Rancho Santa Fe is a gateway city in Los Angeles CA with a population of 17,100. There is plenty to keep the residents and visitors to this lovely city busy and entertained. There is the Hathaway Museum, golf courses, sports ranch and plenty of shopping and dining. Our driveway gate openers company is the best gate opener company in Rancho Santa Fe and is glad to be serving the people here and taking care of all of their gate issues.

This driveway gate openers company provides many services such as installing and replacing gate openers. Make repairs to broken hinges, damaged gates and posts. We manufacture and weld wrought iron gates, grills, window bars and security bars. Ourinstallation contractors are the best when it comes to installing gate openers. We at our driveway gate opener service only use thebest gate opener that is available on the market. There are several brands that we use and they are: Elite-Door King- GTO PRO- Eagle- Ramset- FAAC- All o Matic- Multi-code- Linear- Reno-Viking. These are the top brands that we trust for our clients.  We are known as the best gate opener installation company in Rancho Santa Fe.

Dedicated personnel offering broken gate chain repairs.

We install, repair several different types of gates. One is known as a swing gate, which swings open and there are three different types of openers for this type of gate. The swing arm opener is a box that sits to the side and an arm extends to the gate that will open and close the gate. The second type is the ram arm, which is attached to the gate post and is used with a hydraulic or jack-screw piston. The third is an underground opener, which is located on the hinge and gate via a link arm. The other type of gate is the slide gate in which a chain passes through the opener and runs near the bottom of the gate and the chain moves back and forth sliding the gate open and closed.

There is a safety feature that is installed on all types of gates and that is the gate opener remote sensor photo eye. This is a safety issue that can save you and your family from being injured. The sensor will detect if is in the gates path and will open back up preventing a tragic accident. The gate opener must be installed by a professional like one of our technicians in order to prevent damage to your vehicle or to prevent injury.  Another feature that our installation contractors can install for you is a wireless remote that you can use to open the gate from inside your car. We can also install a manual keypad panel in which a security code may be used to enter the property.

Our driveway gate opener’s service in Rancho Santa Fe is available 24/7, to take care of all of your gate opener issues such as repairing and installing all parts of the opener and gate. Our welding service can weld and repair any type of gate. We also install phone entry system/intercom systems.  We are the best driveway gate opener service in Rancho Santa Fe. We have affordable prices along with free estimates.  We have custom gates. We have many styles and shapes of driveway gates.

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