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Sagging Metal or Wooden Gates – How to Fix Them

11/09/2013 Back To Blog

In the world of fences, wood and metal are perhaps two of the most sought-after residential gate opener materials today. Wood is of course a classic favorite, along with metal, because for centuries it has enhanced the beauty of homes and properties, and they provide an air of security and privacy as well. However, with constant use, these variants are prone to sagging, for which they could drag to the ground and stall the opening or closing of the wood or steel gate.  Remember that even the most well-constructed fence in the world can drag, since the posts will sag or over time. Here are a number of helpful ideas on how to fix sagging metal and wood gates.

What Makes Wood or Metal Gates Sag?

There are a lot of reasons why metal or wood gates lose stability. For example, even if its posts are set in concrete, if the ground is unstable and it won't hold the post well, it could sag and drop. In areas where there's heavy frost and snow, the frost can push the posts upward, thus making them unsecured. The constant lifting and dragging of the gate's pole panel could also suffer with constant use.

How to You Prevent The Gate From Sagging?
The problem of metal or wooden gates sagging can actually be resolved by placing beneath the moving end of a panel a small ring or wheel. The wheel is placed to carry all the weight of the fence, and fully support it, to prevent further dropping, and to allow for easy opening and closing of the wood or wrought iron gate.

According to residential gate installation experts, if you need to quickly fix a sagging metal or wooden fence, it's not actually that tough pinpointing where the problem lies. Regardless of what material is used, it will have three main elements, which are the posts on either side, the panel or pair of panels and the sets of metal hinges.

The hinges work by attaching the fence panel to the post and enable it to freely open and close. Thus, if the gate sags, the issue could be with the supporting posts, or the hinges, or both.  Once you identify the culprits, it would now be much easier for you to do the proper driveway gate repair regimen.

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